A beautiful day at Warwick House

Being a wedding photographer is like someone giving you a ticket, a front row seat to the best day of someone's life. Janine & Liad's wedding will be one I never forget, for many reasons.

This wedding was full of creative people, which made it all so personal & original. Janine's converses were designed & painted by Liad, the dress was made by Janine's mum, they had a full jazz band line up, lead by Liad's brother, who played lead guitar. They made messages in a bottle for the favours & their best friend was their best man & registrar, which made their ceremony all the more special.

They asked me if I could re-create an image which resembled a scene from Jurassic Park, not my usual style, but I accepted the challenge & it was so funny setting up an elegant birdal party & arranging everyone to run & scream... not your average day!

The night came to a close, after some brilliantly funny speeches (one of the guests actually cried with laughter - there was tears!), Janine & Liad had a planned dance routine & some of the bridal party jumped in & joined them (the guests were all pleasantly surprised & cheered them on). The Jazz band played through to the end & the dance floor was full to the brim, with smiles, laughter & everyone just having the greatest time.

A beautiful day, done in a beautiful way, and I got to capture every moment :)