A letter from Janine....

Instead of listing loads of reviews from happy clients, i'd like to share one letter with you, which sums me up nicely. I received this recently from one of my clients, and it's one of the most beautiful reviews I've ever received... like the lovely young lady who wrote this (Beautiful inside & out), here's Janine's letter;


Dear Hayley,

You were the photographer at our wedding only a month
ago. Liad and I weren't originally going to hire a photographer
as both of us usually freeze when a camera is put in our face
and we're told to smile. What a mistake that would have been!

Not only did you capture the atmosphere of the day and the joy
in everyone's faces (which you managed without forced
photographs and going unnoticed) but you managed to get a
huge amount of beautifully romantic photos of us - something
neither of us (or a number of the guests) would have thought

You got the obvious family shots but you also caught the
'moments' - the reactions to the speeches, the laughing at a
joke made, the unconventional first dance! This is what we
wanted to see and this is precisely what is shown in each and
every one of the photos you took. Not only did you do exactly
what you said you would but you were lovely in doing so and you
went along with our weird and whacky 'dinosaur' shot even to the
point of pulling the photograph together without that having been
part of the brief.

I am so glad we decided to have a photographer, I am so glad
it was you and we couldn't have asked for more to capture the
memories that were created on that day.

Thank you,

Janine X